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Cultured and sustainable jewels for reef aquariums


 Bali Aquarium was the first company in Indonesia to produce Maricultured corals for commercial purpose. It all began in 2000 in Nusa Dua (Bali), in front of Club Mediterranée. 

Since then Bali aquarium kept on developing new techniques to culture livestock for marine aquarium. Right now we propose a full range of maricultured SPS, LPS, Soft corals, sponges, and a small list of cultured fish. 

We also export Wild animals, that we can't culture yet. But we try to slowly reduce this list and replace it by cultured animals.

  Things that we can't culture, we take great care of; properly collecting, holding and shipping. We select carefully the most attracting animals.


  We hold them using the best possible techniques, in order for these animals to properly recover and being shipped in the best conditions.

  We have more than 25 years of cumulated experience exporting live marine animals. We put all this to the service of the animals.